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About Our Mission

As an experienced sex blogger and influencer, Julieta Chiara has thrived in the adult space helping and elevate and promote brands. She found that although recognized in the adult industry, many brands were missing an effective digital strategy to maximize their reach in their social media and digital marketing efforts.

From these needs, combined with her experience and a team of creatives, Chiara Collective was born.

We are a family based team of digital nomads tackling social media management, content creation, and branding in the adult space. Proudly serving our clients and making them part of our family, our mission is to give life to brands through tasteful, modern, and educated approaches, being part of your team. 

Welcome to the family.

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Julieta Chiara

Founder & CEO

Julieta got her start in the sex field via her sex blog,, when studying human sexuality.


A master in marketing the world of pleasure as a sex expert influencer, and coach - you can find Julieta living in multiple parts of the world as a nomad. Most commonly, home bases look like Barcelona, Tulum, and Miami.

Her passions include business, women's sexuality, traveling, techno, and psychedelic therapy.

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Emi Chiaramonte

Account Manager

Emily is a 22 year old tea and coffee fanatic studying business, PR, and advertising. She resides in Salt Lake City  and is the "mom" of the collective despite being the youngest. 


Although an account manager, Emily shines in newsletter templates & management giving select clients lively and engaging newsletter strategies.

Fun facts:

  • Emily is currently working on her own tea brand

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Nikki Chiaramonte

Account Manager

​Nichole, or Nikki, is 23 years old and recently graduated with her degree in Business & HR management. She resides in Utah with her husband Heath, a soon to be lawyer.

Nikki specializes in large content rollouts & graphic creations. Daydreams become a reality with Nikki!

Fun facts:

  • Suffering scoliosis from a young age, Nikki is built like iron man with two massive rods in her spine.

  • Graduated every year of high school & college with a 4.0 GPA, show off.

  • May come off as calm, but is secretly the wilder one of the Chiaramonte bunch.

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Kris McGuire

Chief Content Photographer

One of the Chiaramonte's finest transplants, Kris is the mastermind behind the artistic & aesthetic photos you see of adult products for our clients. His attention to detail, composition, and quality is what makes our clients pages come to life with style and personality.

Fun facts:

  • Kris is skilled in cardistry, which looks nearly impossible to do.

  • Never thought he would shoot dildos for a living, but is painfully good at it.

  • You can find Kris's personal work on

Kris McGuire Photographer

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    Adrian Chiaramonte


    Adrian is not only a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in electronic cigarettes & cannabis: He's the Chiaramonte's father. When Julieta came to him with the idea of Chiara Collective, he was the first to cheer her along. Adrian's business expertise helps keep everything running smooth while we handle our creative drive.

    Fun facts:

    • Adrian was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He immigrated to Salt Lake City in his early 20's.

    • Notorious for ordering two entrees at restaurants strictly for himself. 

    • No matter the circumstance, he runs at least 5k a day making the rest of us feel lazy.

    • If there's a new business you've heard about, the chances of Adrian already being a part of it are high.

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