Reinventing Brands in the Adult Space  

When Julieta got involved as a blogger in the adult space, she realized a need in the community- high quality content marketing and portrayal of adult products and services. 

Traditionally, the adult space has been bombarded with content and messages that don't fit the needs of the general public or biggest target audiences. In fact, many adult brands don't have any media presence at all, making them unaccessible to a very digitally connected world.

In an effort to normalize the adult space, having a media presence is essential. This is done through tasteful and strategic content creation & marketing to consumers while also building a trusted community.

When Julieta started managing different social media accounts for brands by creating content and brand message- her father Adrian saw an opportunity. Together, they saw a niche to help revolutionize the adult space. 


Chiara Collective was born.